Fitting Wellness Into Your Life

your mask doesn t have to hide your smile featured image

Your Mask Doesn’t Have to Hide Your Smile

Finally it feels like the end of the pandemic is within sight! Three separate vaccines are being rolled out in the US, and spring is in the air. In the meantime, though, you gotta keep masking up. ...
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What Does Happiness Smell Like to You?

Aromatherapy uses natural plant extracts to improve the health and wellbeing of your body and mind, including your mood. Air fresheners (a close cousin of aromatherapy) tend to be less health-focus...
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Get Your Family Vaccinated Against COVID-19

As of today, nearly 8% of the American public is fully-vaccinated against COVID-19, meaning they have received two doses of a vaccine. Another 8% has received one dose. That’s fabulous, but many of...
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digital tech

Medication Reminders Go Digital

Half of Americans have taken a prescription drug in the last 30 days--including 70% of people over age 40. Most seniors and people with complex health conditions juggle a long list of meds, some pr...
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healthy home

High Tech Ways to Grow Healthy with Plants

Houseplants are healthy. Research shows they can help people recover faster from surgery and use fewer medications, improve indoor air quality, & reduce stress & improve your mood. The popu...
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health care

Make Family Care Easier with Telehealth

Back in the day (just a year ago!) if you had a medical concern for yourself or a family member, you had to make an appointment and take a half day or more out of work or other plans to trek to and...
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activity trackers

Measure What You Want to Manage

One of the best things about using technology for health is that you can use sensors and devices to make the “invisible” visible. Above are my actual “activity” rings for today as recorded by my Ap...
Bike Share: Healthy Tech Right Outside Your Door

Bike Share: Healthy Tech Right Outside Your Door

Do you have a bike sharing service where you live? Washington DC, my home, has one of the first bike sharing services in the country. In its ten-year history, riders have taken more than 27 million...
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artificial intelligence

What's Your Perception of Technology?

Pictured above are the Terminator from Terminator: Dark Fate (Paramount) and Janet from The Good Place (NBC). Images adapted from The Verge (Terminator) and TV Tropes (Janet). In pop culture, advan...