Fitting Wellness Into Your Life

sustainable eating a healthy diet for you and the planet featured image

Sustainable Eating: A Healthy Diet for You and the Planet

Did you know that there’s a big variety of health apps and online tools to help you eat in a way that is healthier and more sustainable for yourself, your family, and the environment? What is susta...
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heatlhy home

A Smart Doorbell Could Be a Smart Investment

Knock knock. Who’s there? If you had a smart video doorbell, you’d already know. Even if you were out of town. About 16% of Americans have video doorbells, and the number is growing. What is a smar...
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Keep Houseplants Thriving with a Virtual Plant Doctor

Have you ever killed a plant and felt really bad about it? Years ago (before smartphones!) my uncle Paul gave me a small Juniper bonsai tree for my birthday. I was thrilled! It was magical. But it ...
look good feel great with virtual skin care makeup
Artificial Intelligence

Look Good, Feel Great with Virtual Skin Care & Makeup

In my opinion, the conventional idea of health & healthcare is too narrow. For one thing, health is shaped by everyday life activities more than any factor--what you eat, how you sleep, how muc...
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Is a Smart Trash Can Smart for You?

The @GeniCan is a smart scanner that reads your trash via a sensor hooked onto your trash can that reads barcodes and prompts you to speak the names of things without them. Why? The main benefit is...
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augmented reality

Design Your Home Virtually

Have you ever wondered what that couch in the store would look like in your house? What if you turned it at an angle, or added some art above it? If you’re like me, your living space contributes a ...
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Host a Virtual Workout Birthday Party!

This morning I Zoomed into a workout class with several friends I went to high school with who now live in cities across the country. We spent an hour stretching, jumping, and getting in shape toge...
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citizen science

Track & Preserve Nature with Your Phone

For 25 years Journey North has been using “citizen science” to understand, preserve, and protect nature, especially migratory species. Anyone from newbies to scientists can participate, and many sc...
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How about a “Magical Sleep Machine” for Your Baby?

One of my baby girls just caught up to my height, yet I remember the exhaustion of having a newborn like yesterday. As a new mom, your body has just been through pregnancy and the colossal achievem...