From stress to success.

When life gets the most busy or stressful is also when you need self care the most. 

But it’s hard to find the time, make the effort, or overcome the guilt of prioritizing you. 

AdaRose gives you everything you need to make wellness easier: experts plus tools that fit your life, available anytime, anywhere.

We believe

  • You have the power to shape your health
  • Health is both physical and mental
  • Health is linked to our social communities & environment
  • When we care for ourselves, the world around us benefits

The people behind AdaRose

Lygeia Ricciardi

Founder & CEO

Lauren Creech

Operations Manager

Michael Hatfield


Dr. Heather McKee

Behavior Change Expertise

Our Expert Instructors

Dr. Josh Funk

Lifelong athlete, D1 lacrosse player at Ohio State, Doctor of Physical Therapy, and owner of multi-location Rehab 2 Perform, providing people the opportunity to Perform For Life.