We make self care easy 

Stress is at an all time high these days with the pandemic, the economy, and a long list of other issues. 

It’s not easy to adopt new healthy self care habits for  the body and mind. 

AdaRose makes gifts that make wellness easier, so both the recipient and the gift giver can feel good.

We believe

  • Health is primarily in your hands: you have the power to shape it 
  • Health is both physical and mental
  • Health is linked to our social communities & environment.
  • When each of us takes better care of ourselves, the world around us benefits

The people behind AdaRose

Lygeia Ricciardi

Founder & CEO

Lauren Creech

Operations Manager

Meet the Experts

LaShone Wilson

Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Reflexologist, and Yoga and Mindful Living Teacher. LaShone has a decade of experience including training in healthy behavior change.