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Get Your Family Vaccinated Against COVID-19

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As of today, nearly 8% of the American public is fully-vaccinated against COVID-19, meaning they have received two doses of a vaccine. Another 8% has received one dose.

That’s fabulous, but many of us still haven’t gotten it, and are also trying to help members of our families to get it. In my case, I’ve been concerned about my mother and my in-laws getting the vaccine, but the processes for doing so have been convoluted and confusing, especially since they live in different parts of the country!

As you probably know, vaccination eligibility is based on recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Healthcare providers and personnel and residents of long term care facilities are at the top of the list, followed by people over 65, people with certain underlying medical conditions, and frontline workers.

The specific guidelines about how and when to get a vaccine vary by region. I expect to have to wait several months to get mine, but I found that the CDC has a great tool that you might find useful as a starting point. Go to in the section on “Vaccines” for a state by state breakdown. Where I live, in Washington DC, I can sign up for text alerts as the vaccination schedule updates. I’ve done that, and also follow updates from my primary care provider. You may also want to check in with local pharmacies in your area.

Have you gotten the vaccine, or helped a relative get it? Any tips to make it easier?

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