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Keep Houseplants Thriving with a Virtual Plant Doctor

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Have you ever killed a plant and felt really bad about it?

Years ago (before smartphones!) my uncle Paul gave me a small Juniper bonsai tree for my birthday. I was thrilled! It was magical. But it soon started to turn yellow, then brown.

I under-watered it. Then I flooded it. Eventually, it died, and I felt guilty about killing a plant that was nearly as old as I was. If I were in that situation today, I could just call in a plant doctor STAT, through an app.

I’ve noted the increased popularity of houseplants thanks to their Instagram appeal plus the impulse to nest brought on by the pandemic. And I’m all about virtual health for humans. But I only just realized there’s also telehealth for plants!

Thanks PlantIn (@plantinapp). I just downloaded their free app so I can identify plants (I often see plants I’m curious about away from home) & diseases, get custom AI tips, and even get help from a real human expert in an emergency plant situation.

Cool, right? If plants are important to you, is this something you’d try? Have you tried a similar app?

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