Fitting Wellness Into Your Life

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Workplace Wellness Trends + Their Benefits

Ever since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, we've seen some serious changes occur in the workplace, all within a short period of time. While some companies are back to "business as usual...
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6 Tips for Mindful Living

"Mindfulness" might be trendy, but it's actually a concept that has been contemplated for thousands of years, starting when Buddhism originated around 400 BCE. Today, experts in mental health preac...
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The Benefits of Gardening

Gardening comes in many forms and can be done by just about anyone, including children, city dwellers, and older adults. Even if you don't have your own backyard or a big space to devote to a garde...
Self Care for the New Year: 17 Ideas for 2024
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Self Care for the New Year: 17 Ideas for 2024

Prioritizing “self care” is a common New Year’s resolution. But how, exactly, do you do it? For some, self care may translate into taking a moment to relax, for example with a simple bubble bath. F...
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healthy eating

Mindful Eating During the Holidays

Eating healthy during the holidays can be a real challenge when you’re surrounded by festive treats including peppermint bark, cookies, eggnog, pies, latkes, and more. What’s your favorite holiday ...
Why Set Daily Intentions + How to Start
daily intentions

Why Set Daily Intentions + How to Start

One simple definition of an intention is "an aim or purpose, something you plan to do or achieve." An intention can also function as a commitment to yourself and to your well-being, as a guide, and...
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The Art of Self-Compassion

Driven in part by steadily-rising rates of mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression over the past two decades, researchers have focused increasingly on the many benefits that self-co...
Benefits of Keeping a Gratitude Journal

Benefits of Keeping a Gratitude Journal

If you’re searching for a practice that improves your health without a huge time commitment or hefty price tag, gratitude is a great place to focus. Each year, more studies show that this positive ...
Different Types of Yoga and Their Benefits

Different Types of Yoga and Their Benefits

When you think of yoga, what comes to mind will depend on your specific experience with the practice. Whether you prefer a faster-paced style of yoga that helps you to build strength, an alignment-...