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finding silver linings in the pandemic featured image

Finding Silver Linings in the Pandemic

Yes, even a global pandemic can have a silver lining. Not to diminish the terrible parts of COVID-19, of which there are plenty, but it’s also OK to look for the positives, in part because doing so...
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5 Tips for Holiday Travel During COVID

Even under the best of circumstances, holiday travel can be stressful, but it’s also something many of us are looking forward to—especially after a year of much more physical distancing and much le...
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back to school

5 Back to School COVID Considerations for Parents

It’s back to school time. In my family, which includes a 6th-grader and an 11th-grader, we’re assembling pencils, pens, pads of paper, and folders, just like any other year. Except that we’re still...
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Digital Healthcare Trends 2021: Take Control of Your Health

Lygeia Ricciardi of AdaRose interviews national healthcare expert Dr. Geeta Nayyar on how to leverage digital technology to take control of your health in 2021. Their conversation covers how the pa...
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Technology and Mental Health During COVID

During the COVID pandemic mental health problems and technology use are both unusually high. Does that mean technology is bad for us? Not necessarily, though it is in some ways contributing to our ...
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Get Your Family Vaccinated Against COVID-19

As of today, nearly 8% of the American public is fully-vaccinated against COVID-19, meaning they have received two doses of a vaccine. Another 8% has received one dose. That’s fabulous, but many of...