Holiday Gift Guide for Wellness Enthusiasts

Holiday Gift Guide for Wellness Enthusiasts

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What makes a great holiday gift? Of course it depends on the specific person you're giving to, such as whether they're a sports lover, avid reader, foodie, or a fashionista.

Regardless of your family and friends' preferred hobbies, what makes gifts memorable is the thoughtfulness behind them, especially if you come up with unique and helpful gifts that people haven't even thought of themselves.

Below we've curated some of the best holiday gifts to help check everyone off of your list this year, including those looking to work out, sleep, and pamper themselves a bit better.

Holiday Gift Guide for Self Care and Wellness

  • For walkers and runners: Hate having to carry a bag when you go for a walk? Updated fanny packs, such as the SPIbelt Sport Belt, allow you to leave the house hands-free for an outdoor workout or walk. This stylish belt fits snuggly against your waist and has room for essentials like keys, a phone, and credit cards, making it easy to pick a destination and get your daily steps in on the way.
  • For soothing muscles (or snuggling in bed): Whether you have a tense back or just love to feel warm and cozy during the chillier months of the year, a portable heating pad is your best friend. Use it while watching TV, when in bed reading at night (the warmth is naturally relaxing), or to loosen up tight muscles before a workout or stretching session.
  • For anyone in need of some R&R: Most of us love receiving professional massages, but don't always want to pay the fees involved. A SpaFinder Wellness gift card is perfect for men, women, and people of all ages because it lets people choose from thousands of local massage centers located across the U.S.
  • For anyone who loves a skin care routine: Do you or someone you know love to use toners, masks, or micellar water to clean your skin and remove makeup? You'll love these reusable cloth pads that double as eco-friendly, washable facial wipes or diaper wipes.
  • For those into clean makeup: Those of us who own makeup bags and brushes know how dirty they can get. Experts recommend we clean our brushes at least monthly, yet most of us neglect this step. Here's a clever way to keep makeup brushes organized and hygienic: use a stand-up makeup holder that makes it easy to wash and dry your brushes regularly, reducing the amount of gunk and bacteria you could be spreading to your face.
  • For deep thinkers and feelers: Journaling is a simple habit that provides so many benefits, such as increasing gratitude, decreasing anxiety, and improving decision-making. There are loads of different types of journals available depending on how someone plans to use one, such as "five minute journals" to help set intentions for the day, and gratitude journals that can help you live more mindfully.
  • For bubble bath enthusiasts: A warm bath before bed is an ideal way to de-stress and get your body and mind ready for sleep, especially if you incorporate candles, a good book, and some music. Try gifting this bathtub caddy tray to anyone who likes to soak away their worries in a relaxing bath or hot tub.
  • For the culinary curious: The winter can be tough for those of us who love to garden outdoors, but it's possible to grow plants inside, too. This indoor AeroGarden Pod Kit allows you to grow herbs and other small plants indoors to cook with or to use as garnish for fancy holiday drinks.

  • For those who can use more self care: The holidays can get hectic. What better time to enjoy some self care from home with help from Adarose. Whether for yourself or for someone you know who can benefit from some "me time," the newly enhanced Spa in a Box or Work Break in a Box gifts are the perfect way to unwind and recharge. The recipient will receive a beautiful package at their doorstep filled with everything needed for some pampering, including care for the body and mind, along with a QR code on the box to enjoy multiple on-demand, virtual self care experiences.

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When we care for ourselves and others, the greater world around us benefits.

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