Fitting Wellness Into Your Life

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RecycleHealth Review: A Cool Nonprofit You Should Use

Now you can do two good things at once: protect the environment and improve the health of underserved populations by donating used fitness trackers to RecycleHealth. RecycleHealth is a non-profit s...
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Digital Healthcare Trends 2021: Take Control of Your Health

Lygeia Ricciardi of AdaRose interviews national healthcare expert Dr. Geeta Nayyar on how to leverage digital technology to take control of your health in 2021. Their conversation covers how the pa...
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Virtual Healthcare: Options Every Patient Should Know About

Managing your health and healthcare can be hard. Who doesn’t want to minimize the hassle? The good news is, technology can help. Today 93% of Americans use the Internet—a proportion that’s been gro...
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What is digital health, and why should you care? (Part 1 of 2)

This post is an introduction to digital health for consumers and patients. It's Digital Health 101 in two parts. This first part explains what digital health is, and why it's critically important r...