Fitting Wellness Into Your Life

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american heart association

National Wear Red Day & Reframing Women’s Health

What is National Wear Red Day? Are you familiar with the "red dress campaign"? This Friday, February 4th, is National Wear Red Day. It’s an initiative by the American Heart Association designed to ...
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behavior change

Own Your Health: Both Health and Healthcare Depend on You

It’s tempting not to think about your health until something goes wrong. As long as nothing hurts or slows you down, you can focus on something else, right? Not quite. Let’s change that mindset. Fo...
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digital health

What is digital health, and why should you care? (Part 2 of 2)

This post is the second half of an introductory Digital Health 101 for consumers, patients, and care partners. Part 1 explains what digital health is, and why it's critically important right now. T...
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artificial intelligence

Use a Skin Scan App to Check that Spot

As a Mom and the “Chief Health Officer'' for my family, one of the hardest tasks is triage: figuring out when to see a doctor, merely watch and wait, or just ignore a potential health threat. I hav...