Fitting Wellness Into Your Life

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Take Control of Your Health and Wellness in Everyday Life

For many of us, it's tempting not to think about our health until something goes wrong, especially when we’re young. In high school my best friend and I often walked to the corner store together t...
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digital health

RecycleHealth Review: A Cool Nonprofit You Should Use

Now you can do two good things at once: protect the environment and improve the health of underserved populations by donating used fitness trackers to RecycleHealth. RecycleHealth is a non-profit s...
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behavior change

Own Your Health: Both Health and Healthcare Depend on You

It’s tempting not to think about your health until something goes wrong. As long as nothing hurts or slows you down, you can focus on something else, right? Not quite. Let’s change that mindset. Fo...
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How People are Using Social Media for Good - A TikTok Success Story

Like any tool, social media can be used for good or bad purposes, and can sometimes result in unintended consequences. There are some examples of people who use social media in extremely positive w...
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Jimmy Choi's Inspiring Story: Parkinson's, World Records & Using Social Media for Good

I am so inspired by Jimmy Choi that I keep asking myself "What would Jimmy do?" when I face even small challenges. Jimmy's accomplishments and approach to life make me feel like anything is possibl...
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Get Inspired: Parkinson's, TikTok & Guinness World Records

The most important part of self-transformation is setting your mind to it. Jimmy Choi is an endurance athlete, advocate, and motivational speaker. He has also been living with Parkinson’s for nearl...