Fitting Wellness Into Your Life

the joy and health benefits of giving to others featured image

The Joy and Health Benefits of Giving to Others

The holiday season is nearly upon us.  Giving is synonymous with the winter holidays. Sure, it feels good in the moment to give to others, but did you know that giving can also benefit your health ...
The Connection Between Daylight Savings and Sleep
circadian rhythm

The Connection Between Daylight Savings and Sleep

Does Daylight Savings Time end permanently in 2023? Nope. Despite the U.S. Senate unanimously approving the "Sunshine Protection Act" in 2022, it did not pass the U.S. House of Representatives and ...
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What to Do with Old Technology

How many old cell phones, laptops, or devices do you have lying around the house? Getting rid of them in a safe way supports your own and your community’s health. E-waste harms the environment Did...
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Access to Health Care Services

Bridging the Digital Divide in Healthcare

Digital health can help people improve their health in many ways, from finding information online to managing chronic conditions via wearable devices. Getting online access to your own health recor...
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digital health

RecycleHealth Review: A Cool Nonprofit You Should Use

Now you can do two good things at once: protect the environment and improve the health of underserved populations by donating used fitness trackers to RecycleHealth. RecycleHealth is a non-profit s...
 back to school covid considerations for parents featured image
back to school

5 Back to School COVID Considerations for Parents

It’s back to school time. In my family, which includes a 6th-grader and an 11th-grader, we’re assembling pencils, pens, pads of paper, and folders, just like any other year. Except that we’re still...
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Sustainable Eating: A Healthy Diet for You and the Planet

Did you know that there’s a big variety of health apps and online tools to help you eat in a way that is healthier and more sustainable for yourself, your family, and the environment? What is susta...
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Host a Virtual Workout Birthday Party!

This morning I Zoomed into a workout class with several friends I went to high school with who now live in cities across the country. We spent an hour stretching, jumping, and getting in shape toge...
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citizen science

Track & Preserve Nature with Your Phone

For 25 years Journey North has been using “citizen science” to understand, preserve, and protect nature, especially migratory species. Anyone from newbies to scientists can participate, and many sc...