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Mother’s Day: Gifts to Make Mom’s Life Easier

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This Mother’s Day, ​​how can you show your mom you appreciate her? Just about any thoughtful gift is sure to bring a smile to mom’s face, especially if it’s accompanied by some kind words.

Some gifts, however, are extra special because they provide something a mom can’t buy for herself: downtime and a chance to unwind!

What’s the Best Thing to Gift to Mom?

While household dynamics are definitely changing, and every family is unique, moms are often commanders of the house’s do-to list. For example, some research shows that even full-time working moms spend about 21 hours per week on housework, including chores, and organizing and coordinating everyone’s schedules.

This is exactly why it’s much appreciated when tasks like shopping, cleaning, and cooking are taken care of by someone else other than mom. So, this Mother’s Day, consider giving your mom something extra special, such as gifts she can use to relax or enjoy some much needed fun, without worrying about everyone else for a change.

Here’s the cool thing: if you’re looking for gifts to make mom’s life easier, you don’t have to spend a lot or buy anything extravagant. On the contrary, making mom feel calmer, special, and loved is really all about the thought and caring your gift reflects.

Many surveys have found that what moms really desire is some combination of: alone time, fewer responsibilities for a day (or longer!), a chance to relax, and appreciation. Moms with young kids seem to be especially happy to receive gifts or experiences that help with de-stressing, such as someone to watch their kids or make a delicious meal.

According to one survey published in the YouGov America website, the most popular Mother’s Day requests include: cards, flowers, fun experiences, keepsakes, spa days, homemade items, and help with the home/childcare.

Gifts to Make Mom’s Life Easier

Based on those responses, the list below includes ideas for Mother’s Day gifts that mom will actually love and put to good use:

1. A handwritten letter showing gratitude

Regardless of what else you may give, some sweet words are always a good idea. Underneath it all, what most moms want is to know that all their hard work is acknowledged and valued.

2. An act of service of mom’s choice

How do I make my mom's life easier? Get involved in the day-to-day household work!

Here’s a gift that can make mom’s living space more peaceful and easier to manage: hire someone to help declutter busy spaces in her home or to organize closets. Of course you can do this yourself if you’re up for the challenge. Mom might also love it if you helped with yard work or promised to fix something in the house that’s been pushed off for ages.

3. Make it easy for mom to have some self-care-focused alone time

What can you surprise mom with? Something unique that you may not have thought of is a Spa in Box gift created by AdaRose.

The AdaRose Spa in a Box is designed to relieve everyday stress and sooth tension right from home. Mom can have fun trying new products, such as a facial kit, an aromatherapy candle, and buttery hand cream, as well as learning self-care techniques from a yoga and mindfulness teacher and a licensed esthetician.

The best part? In addition to lifetime access to the four on-demand self care experiences included with every gift box, there's also enough product in every box to repeat the experiences multiple times. Give mom the gift of Self Care Sundays for an entire month! 

You can also take advantage of gift wrap and gift message options to make your gift to mom extra special!

AdaRose Spa in a Box

4. Plan a fun day out

While not necessarily gifts that make mom's life easier, the importance of fun and play shouldn't be overlooked. For many of us looking to declutter and do with less, experiences are the new material gifts.

Show mom you put thought into planning a great day for her by taking a little time to come up with something memorable.

The whole family could do something active together like hiking and having a picnic afterwards. Or, if mom’s idea of “fun” is really something more low-key and relaxing, gift her with something like a gift card for a massage or blowout, followed by lunch with the family.

5. Make her favorite meal or order a meal prep/kit service

One of the most classic Mother’s Day gifts is something homemade and delicious, such as mom’s favorite breakfast served in bed.

If you’re not much of a cook but still want to make an effort in the kitchen, subscribe to a meal kit delivery service and promise mom you’ll help with the prep. This is truly the gift that keeps on giving!

6. Help the whole family get organized

Buy a big dry erase board that can be used for weekly meal planning, then fill in the first week to get the ball rolling. Bonus points if you clean the refrigerator and shop for all the needed groceries ahead of time.

This gift is a win-win for mom and the whole family—considering it decreases stress, saves money, can help the family take control of their health and eat better, and makes it more likely that the family will sit down together for a daily meal.

You can also be proactive and create a shared family calendar, such as one on Google Calendars. This is simple to do and free, but it’s valuable because it allows everyone to see upcoming plans and pitch in, meaning schedules feel less overwhelming and nothing is overlooked.

7. Automate some of her tasks

This Mother’s Day, think about gifts that make mom’s life easier by serving specific purposes, such as: smart speakers, automatic lights or blinds, a timed coffee maker, or a robot vacuum.

All of these help the daily routine seem a bit simpler to keep up with. The more tasks that can be automated in the home, the easier it is on mom and everyone else.

8. Other ideas for thoughtful gifts to give mom on her special day

  • An updated health or wellness tool, such a new fitness tracker or smartwatch

  • A car wash (who doesn’t love getting into a newly cleaned car!)

  • Date night out while a babysitter stays home with the kids

  • Professional portrait of the family or kids

  • Cute totes to carry groceries in

  • High power hair dryer that cuts down on the time needed to get ready

  • Reusable smoothie and water bottles, which make it easy for mom to stay hydrated

  • Tools for gardening

  • An entire day to chill and basically do nothing!

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