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Holiday Gifts for Employees Working from Home

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When it comes to the modern-day workplace, for many employees working from home is the new normal. Telework options vary by profession, but for millions of people in the US, telework is still an option in late 2023. But that doesn’t mean the tradition of giving holiday work gifts is optional.

Maybe you’re not sure how to handle remote gift-giving at work. Or maybe, especially after years of a pandemic, you’re looking for something that adds to people’s health rather than detracting from it (like those big tins of popcorn!).

So what are the best holiday gifts for employees or co-workers who are working remotely? Here’s a list of thoughtful, wellness-themed gifts that offer inspiration for everyone.

Wellness-themed gift ideas for your home-based employees or co-workers

A genuinely fun water bottle

We hear a lot about dehydration, but imagine how good your team would feel if they’re chronically hydrated.

When you’ve got a fun bottle to fill up, it makes all the difference. Getting enough water helps not only to lubricate and cushion your joints, but also helps to keep your mind sharp. Proper hydration can reduce fatigue, while improving memory, attention, and mood.

Want to go the extra mile when it comes to hydration gifts? Some wellness-minded employers or managers give employees pricey water filtration devices like Big Berkey water purifiers.

The perfect little desk plant

A little green goes a long way, particularly when it’s on your work desk. A study found that simply placing a small indoor plant on your work desk can reduce work-related stress.

Between Zoom meetings, encourage employees to look away from their computer screens for 3 minutes and to gaze instead at their desk plant–a proven stress buster!

Having the option to choose the type of desk plant also seems to make a difference, according to the research. If possible, give a few plant options and let your remote employee choose.

Desk-friendly holiday work gifts in the plant department include:

  • Air plants

  • Bonsai

  • African violet

  • Aloe

  • Cacti

  • Jade plant

Plants are also a great option when it comes to ideas for holiday gift exchanges at work.

Ergonomic mouse/mouse pad

Want a practical holiday work gift? Look for a highly-rated ergonomic mouse for those who spend hours on a computer. A joint-friendly angle of the mouse can do wonders for tired wrists.

A gel-filled mouse pad is another solid choice, thanks to its focus on comfort to keep desk workers feeling their best.

Essential oil diffuser

Diffusing essential oils is one way to brighten up the mood of a workspace in seconds and is a great gift idea, particularly for people who work in a remote office. Be sure to choose a diffuser designed with a whisper-quiet operation to prevent distractions or interference with video calls.

For the ultimate aromatherapy gift, pair an oil with the diffuser. Organic lavender essential oil is a relaxing choice.

AdaRose Work Break in a Box

This unique gift box provides wellness support for the body and mind long after an employee opens it. A pressure point massage ball, exercise band, “Zen Blend” aromatherapy roll-on, and acrylic dry erase desk board come with on-demand virtual wellness experiences led by a physical therapist and corporate mindfulness coach. 

The physical therapist guides the employee through strength and mobility exercises to help the remote worker get up and move more throughout their workday.

The Work Break in a Box gift is simple to use and filled with high-quality products. Simply scan the QR code on the box for instant access to the virtual wellness experiences ranging from 10 to 50 minutes that can be done from the comfort of a home office.

Even better? Schedule a live virtual event with your team in which everyone can use the items in their kit and follow along to the expert guidance in real-time for some extra camaraderie and team building! 

More fun holiday gifts for remote teams

Eco-friendly coffee

There’s coffee, and then there’s shade-grown coffee. Not only will you taste the difference, but there are also humanitarian and environmental considerations when you select coffee, too.

Birds & Beans Coffee is triple certified. That means it's organic, fair-trade certified, and Smithsonian “Bird Friendly,” meaning the coffee comes from well-managed forests that support bird habitats. Plus, it's grown without the use of harmful chemicals. (Bonus: send a company-branded coffee mug, too!)

Wildflowers in a cup

If you’re looking for a specific herbal tea or a variety gift box, Katydid Hill Farm’s gift sets include fun employee and co-worker holiday gifts like:

  • Itty Bitty Tea Flight: a sample pack of three loose leaf herbal teas, plus a reusable linen tea bag

  • The Winter Cozy: 6 jars of herbal tea and a hand-made ceramic mug

  • The Pleasure of Tea: 3 herbal tea blends of your choosing, plus a reusable linen tea bag


Giving citrus gifts for the holidays may stem back to the Great Depression, but it's still popular today. Back then, receiving an orange in your stocking was considered a real treat because citrus was scarce.

Places like Frog Hollow Farm in California offer organic citrus gift options shipped to the recipient’s door.

Picture frame

Boost employee morale by keeping workers connected to the people (and pets!) they love most. The Rusty Roof has been crafting photo frames in the U.S.A. since 2002 and offers many size and color options.

AdaRose Spa Box

Sometimes the best gift is uninterrupted peace and quiet. The AdaRose Spa in a Box couples a natural facial kit and an aromatherapy candle with expert-led relaxation. Simply scan the kit's QR code and unlock a variety of mindfulness and self care experiences. As one customer said, "It's a beautiful and simple way to enjoy self care without having to think too hard about it."

Whatever gift you choose for your employees or co-workers this holiday season, make sure you communicate your genuine care for them.

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