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Spa in a Box!

Get Ready

1. Find a quiet, comfortable place near a sink with room to sit or lie down
2. Gather a hand towel, matches & a drink
3. Select your on-demand experience below: products in your box are enough to repeat experiences multiple times!


Full Length Experience

(50 Minutes) An immersive journey to help you fully relax your mind, body & soul.

Express Experience

(25 Minutes) The perfect way to fit some "me time" into your busy life.

Micro Experience: Skin Care

(10 Minutes) Meditation not your thing today? No problem. Unwind with a mini facial & hand massage!

Micro Experience: Mindfulness

(10 Minutes) Want to skip the facial? Relax on the go or at home with gentle yoga stretches & deep breathing.

What's In Your Box

  • 100% Soy Wax Sea Salt & Teakwood Candle
  • Spa Headband
  • Gentle Face Cleanser
  • Hydrating Face Mask
  • Nourishing Face Moisturizer
  • Rich Hand Cream
  • Tools: Brush, Spatula & Sponge

Meet Your Guides

LaShone Wilson

Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Reflexologist, and Yoga and Mindful Living Teacher. LaShone has a decade of experience including training in healthy behavior change.

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